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Our Clients



Individual Students and Graduates 

We help many students and graduates of Hotel Schools and Business Schools around the world developing their career through organizing for their Hospitality Internship in some of the best hotels and resorts in Dubai, other parts of UAE, Doha - Qatar, Bahrain and rest of MENA region as well as destinations in Asia like Thailand and The Maldives. For more details about that please refer back to the section called " Hospitality Internship "




Hotel and Business Schools  

We provide Hotel and Business Schools and Colleges around the world with advices, guidance, thoughts and assistance to place their current students or fresh graduates to do their internship at any of our partner hotels in the region as per the training program planned for them, We help them putting a career plan for their students and graduates within The Hospitality Industry in Dubai, UAE and rest of MENA region.




Placement Agencies   

We are the main advisor and consultant to many placement agencies from many countries around the world who want to place their candidates in this region, We provide them with very valuable advices related to the latest market trends and employment information and updates. Including the most updated situation of supply and demand related to jobs and open positions in the region.




Individual Hoteliers    

We gladly provide our  Career Consulting Services to individual hoteliers of all levels, nationalities and departments whom are interested in using any of our services as mentioned in the section called  " Our Services " .





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