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Hospitality Internship 




Internship is always considered one of the most important and effective tools for the students and fresh graduates career development, It mostly creates a Win-Win situation for both of the employer and the candidate to test each others before getting into a full time job relationship, The intern has the chance to decide if this is really the job he wants for himself and to have a real hands on experience, Thanks to our vast network of contacts and resources in the region we are proud to say that we are running one of the most organized, Efficient and Professional Hospitality Internship Programs in the region, We are also glad to mention that more than 80% of our Interns got an offer for a full time job either during or just after their internship period, Please find below more details about this program.



Purpose of this Internship Program

This program mainly aims at giving the candidates who join it the chance to have a rare hands on experience in some of the best hotels and resorts of the world, To develop their knowledge, Skills and attitude to be ready for their first real job in the hospitality industry as well as giving them a chance to see different countries, get an exposure to new culture and people increasing their life experience and communication skills.



Who can join this Internship Program 

We accept into our internship Program The Students and Graduates of Hotel Schools and Colleges all over the world, We also accept The Students and Graduates of Business Schools and any other kind of study that might be similar or related to The Hospitality Study, Also in certain cases we accept students and graduates of other kinds of studies who want to switch their career to Hospitality if their profile matches with the requirements of our partner hotels. 



Internship Duration

We mostly offer either  6 months  or  12 months internship Programs.



Internship Destinations

We run our Hospitality Internship programs in Dubai, Other parts of UAE, Doha - Qatar, Bahrain and some other countries in MENA region as well as in Thailand and Maldives, Soon we will be offering the program in several parts of UK and USA. 



Internship Program Starting Dates. 

We run our Hospitality Internship program all around the year with no certain starting dates, But in certain cases we will have to keep in consideration the high and low business season in those destinations and the readiness of the hotels to accommodate them.



Internship Departments 

We mostly place our Interns to do their training in operation departments as:


Front Office

Food & Beverage




And sometimes we got vacancies available in  Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Finance etc.



Level of Hotels  

We only place our interns in 5  or 4 Star Hotels or Resorts.



Benefits and Allowances 

Most of our partner hotels will provide the interns with the following:


Free Accommodation  ( on sharing basis )

Free Meals in the employees restaurant

Visa, Work and Residence permit

Free Transportation from the housing to the hotel and back.

Reasonable Monthly Stipend / Pocket Money



To be paid by the Intern  

All our interns will need to pay for the following:


Their Air Tickets from their home country or the country they are living in to the country where they will be doing their internship and back ( Return Ticket )

Their International Travel / Medical Insurance that should be covering them in the country of their internship.




Generally the preferred age for joining our internship program is from  18 - 28 years, For any age above that cases will need to be studied individually. 




We generally accept all nationalities into the program, Keeping in mind that sometimes and due to some Visa restrictions on some nationalities in certain destinations their application might be rejected or kept on hold for some time.




For any further details you may like to know about our Hospitality Internship Program related to how to start the program, The enrolment fees and procedures please send your CV or inquiries to:  











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