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We Inform, Guide and Assist..... is the first Hospitality Career Consulting Platform focusing mainly on Dubai, UAE, rest of MENA region and Asia, While we do Inform, Guide, Advice, Direct and Assist The Students and Graduates who belong to many of The Hotel Schools all over the world to do their Hospitality Internship at the region we also assist hoteliers of all levels, departments and nationalities whom are looking for a career in this part of the world and/or whom are already there but looking for a boost to their career within the same region, Here we would like to stress on the fact that ( We are not a Recruitment Agency and we do not give our clients any assurance or guarantees that as soon as they walk out of our doors there will be a Job waiting for them ) We may inform, Guide or Assist you to get the job you want but we can never guarantee you that you will get this job, Job hunting is a very complicated process which depends on many factors some of them we can not always control.


Our story had started when we wanted to present to the hoteliers whom are already in this region or are interested in relocating into Dubai, UAE or other parts of MENA region and Asia a unique kind of Career Consulting Service which is not available to them in this form so far, This came after we had received this large amount of feedback from many of them that this kind of service is very much required in this part of the world due to the large expansion and growth of the hospitality industry in this area.

We present to our clients services as organizing Hospitality Internship, Job Search Assistance, Assessment and Writting of CVs and Covering Letters, Salary and Benefits negotiations advice, Interview Preparation, Career Planning, Building / Optimizing  LinkedIn Profiles, and many other services, What really makes us stand away and above the competition in this area is the kind of service we present which is based upon our huge amount of contacts, resources and networking in the Hopsitality Industry in the region as well as the back ground and previous experience of the Managing Director and Chief Consultant being a Hospitality Recruitment Consultant, Headhunter, an Ex. HR Director, HR Manager and Training Manager working in the region for more than 25 years in the Hospitality Industry with several international hotel chains.







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