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We offer our services in areas as Hospitality Internship Coordination and facilitation, We give advices and guidance in the area of Hospitality Placement, We also present other services as Career Bath Review, Career Development, Job Search Strategies and Implementation, Interview Skills Training, Salary negotiation, Networking, Executive Coaching, Resume Writing, Cover Letter Development and other services.

Mohamed Abdou is an innovative and solution focused Hospitality Career Consultant, A motivating and enthusiastic consultant inspiring you to new paths, thoughts and ideas, able of opening a world of possibilities for you ...

Our Services  

" We Inform, Guide and Assist "


We provide Information, Guidance and  Advice  about Hospitality Career Choices, Development, Employment and Training in Dubai, other parts of UAE, rest of MENA region and Asia to Hotel Schools worldwide, Hotel Schools Students and Graduates, Placement and Recruitment Agencies, Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants in the region.

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How we present our Services  ???
We present our services to our clients  via:
1. Email
2. Telephone
3. Skype 


Founder and Managing Director
Job Search 


Our clients include Hotel and Business Schools Students and Fresh Graduates who want to do their Hospitality Internship in Dubai, other parts of UAE, Doha - Qatar, Bahrain, rest of MENA region and Asia, The Management of many Hotel and Business Schools around the world, Placement Agencies  in addition to Individual Hoteliers from all over the world who want to relocate to Dubai, UAE and MENA region for the first time, Hoteliers who were working in this region, left and now wants to be back again, Hoteliers whom are currently in Dubai, UAE, MENA region but lost or about to lose their job, Those who are currently working in the region but are looking for a change or  a move, And those who are due for a close Job Interview and wants to professionally prepare for that, etc...  For more details please follow the link below....

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